SLiCE™ Cloning Technology
The search for better cloning efficiency lead Abazyme to evaluate SLiCE, new
cloning reagent. SLiCE gave the Abazyme scientists the best multi-fragment
cloning they’d ever seen. As a result, Abazyme's wholly owned subsidiary,
Abazyme Molecular LLC, secured an exclusive license to the SLiCE technology
and is now making this exciting new reagent available to the research
marketplace. SLiCE allows for seamless cloning of DNA fragments with 20 to 50
base pair overlaps. No specialized vectors or restriction enzymes are required to
achieve high cloning efficiency, which is >60 times more efficient than existing
SLiCE™ Features
Reaction Conditions
No ligase required
Commercial ultra-competent cells not required
Short reaction time (~1 hour)
No reaction dilution required for electro-transformation
Reaction can be used for complex cloning strategies such as: gene
construction, mutagenesis, control element insertion (promoters,
transcriptional terminators, introns, etc.)
DNA fragments
Heterologous sequences up to 1KB can be tolerated
Protocol is optimized for 20-50 BP overlaps
Method is not dependent on multiple cloning sites (MSCs) or specific
restriction endonucleases
Cloning efficiency
Highest efficiency seamless cloning system
Scarless cloning: avoids frameshifts, insertions and/or deletions

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